My name is not Savannah. For the sake of my privacy and the privacy of the people I care for or do not care for, my name is Savannah. I am a Savannah at heart, so it works I suppose. Savannahs are brave, beautiful, kind, generous, and lovely. She loves to the fullest extent. She feels and thinks to the fullest extent. Brave and honest. She is real.

Not that I’ve met a Savannah. I actually never have. But I’m sure if I had, she would be. She would be all those perfect things.

I might not be…I know with almost absolute certainty that I am not…but I want to be. I am not Savannah, but every bit of me here is real. I need you to know everything I know. Whoever you are. I need you to believe I am real. I need you to believe I am brave and beautiful and wonderful.

Because I don’t.